Friday, 10 March 2017

Electronic Circuit Simulator

SimulIDE is a simple real time electronic circuit simulator.
It's intended for general purpose electronics and microcontroller simulation, supporting PIC, AVR and Arduino.

It aims to be fast, simple and easy to use, so this means simple and not very accurate electronic models and limited features.

Intended for hobbyist or students to learn and experiment with simple circuits.

AVR simulation provide by simavr:
PIC simulation provided by GpSim:

There are Linux and Windows binaries available at Download section.

SimulIDE is still in Alpha state, that means that some mayor changes can happen in next releases.
It's planned to switch to Beta in next release, then the simulator will reach it's final structure.

Next release will bring some new features and new components, being the most important:

- Integrated Code Editor/Debugger for Arduino, GcBasic, Pic asm and Avr asm.

- Plugin System to load/unload app and component plugings at runtime.

The idea is that users can create the simulator version they need, keeping only the elements they use by loading or unloading plugins.
Editor will be in a plugin, logic components in other, diplays in other and so on.

This way some users can have an only digital simulator with just logic components and others can have an Arduino simulator with Editor and Debugger, so they can write, compile, upload to simulated board and simulate or debug their ino files, everything within SimulIDE.