Sunday, 27 August 2017


SimulIDE_0.1.5-RC1 is available for download.

This is the first Beta version and  reached the final structure of the aplication:

- Left Panel with Components, Ram Table, Properties.
- Center Panel with Circuit canvas and Circuit instruments (plotter, oscope, etc.)
- Right Panel with Editor/Compiler/Debugger:

The major diference is the new Editor in right panel.
This is specially useful when working with microcontrollers, as you can write, compile, upload to circuit mcu and debug for some compilers:

- Arduino.
- GcBasic.
- Avra (avr asm).
- GpAsm (pic asm).

To use Arduino and GcBasic you must set the compiler path in config file:
- Go to folder: SimulIDE_0.1.5-XXX-RC1/share/simulide/data/codeeditor.
- Edit to set paths in your computer.

You can use it as general purpose Text Editor as well.

These panels are separated by splitters, you can set the size of each one by moving the splitters, even hiding some of the panels if you don't need them:

As the number of components increase it's not so fast finding the component you want. In adition there are components you may not need.
So we added a new feature: "Manage Components" to show/hide single components or whole categories.
This way you can configure SimulIDE for the kind of circuit you need.
Right-Click on any part of Component Selector and select "Manage Components".
There you can select wich components will be shown on component selector:

There are some other new features like Undo/Redo, and some new components like Amperimeter, Voltimeter, Relay, Servo Motor.

Tutorials will be updated in next days...