Thursday, 15 February 2018

SimulIDE 0.1.6 Released.

SimulIDE 0.1.6 is available for  dowload.

Some new components, features and bugfixes.

New Components:

- Oscope component.
- Basic Wave Generator.
- Toggle Switch.
- Voltage Regulator.
- BJT Transistor.
- Audio Out.
- 74HC00
- 74HC02

New Features:

- Circuit Changed indicator.
- Shortcuts for Circuit and Editor Actions.
- Relays can be configured to any number of Poles and ST/DT.
- Led Colors.
- Meters output (for value plotting for example).
- Non-Linear Accuracy property for Circuit Simulation.
- Configurable voltage range for Plotter.
- More controls for Oscope.
- Botton panel Oscope is available for not connected probes.
- Gui keeps 100% responsive when simulation gets slow.