Thursday, 3 September 2020

SimulIDE_0.4.13 released.

 Hi guys SimulIDE 0.4.13 is available in the download section:

List of changes since 0.3.12:

    - Dissapear support for toggleSwitch.
    - Full Adder carry pins at bottom.
    - Led shape to original, but displaced to Cathode.
    - Subcircuit default to Logic Symbol.
    - 100 MHz max. circuit speed.
    - Editor: Move "Control Circuit" from Editor to Debugger Properties.
    - Delete key working again to remove Components.

New Features:
    - Text Component opacity.
    - Text Componext double-click to edit text.
    - Allow positioning at 1/2 grid.
    - Even smaller gates.
    - New Buses: smaller footprint, connectable at both sides, nÂș Bit.
    - 16 bit Encoder/Decoder
    - Easier Auto-Connect pins.
    - Drag and drop circuit files and open it.
    - Labels in switches buttons, keyboard accesible.
    - Multypole Push Switch.
    - Circuit Zoom with key sequence: Ctrl+ Ctrl-
    - AVR remote debugging.
    - Serial Terminal: "Clear" and "CR" buttons.
    - Make new Subcircuit pin naming compatible with old circuits.
    - New Dialog: create and edit Package Pins
    - Create Subcircuit and Package files in one shot.
    - Inverted Pin Labels rendered with overline.
    - WaveGen: Random waveform.
    - Serial Monitor: Choose Usart to use.
    - I2C module: Master Mode implemented.
    - AVR Hardware I2C finally working!!
    - Editor: Document reload.
    - RAM/ROM load-save binary files.
    - Buzzer option in Audio Out Component.
    - Mcu: auto-load firmware at circuit power on (optional).
    - Move Settings file to user folder: accessible to Win OS.
    - Add Compile date to About Dialog.
    - Select Mcu Uart in Serial Port.
    - Open several Serial Ports at once.
    - PcLink: Auto-Connect Mcu to Serial Port
    - Simulation Pause Button.
    - SSD1306: Addressing completed, invert Display, Disp. Fully On.
    - Relay Impedance and release current properties.
    - Open several Serial Monitors at once.
    - Bipolar Stepper Motor.
    - Probe: Ternary Logic indicator.
    - Probe: Threshold property.
    - SSD1306: Basic Hardware Horizontal Scrolling.
    - Help files: Russian translation ( Sergey Roenko ).
    - Help files: Spanish translation ( Kike_Gl ).
    - Help files: Spanish help for 74 Series ( Kike_Gl ).
    - PcLink Feature deleted.
    - Serial Port: Auto Open property.
    - Mcu Logic Symbol enabled.
    - Some AVR Logic Symbols (Sergey Roenko)
    - Mcu Help Files enabled.
    - Some AVR Help files (Sergey Roenko)
    - Gui French translation (Pascal Cotret)
    - Change Language: Circuit->Properties.
    - Gui Brazilian Portuguese Translation ( Maico Smaniotto ).
    - Several AVR Logic Symbol Packages (Sergey Roenko).
    - Several AVR help files (Sergey Roenko).

Bug Fixes:
    - Crash hovering some external object over circuit canvas.
    - Circuit not updating properly when animated( 0.3.12-SR1 ).
    - Changes in Logic Devices properties while simulation running not updated.
    - Load Circuit: avoid connect to already connected pins.
    - Make 74HC and 74XX interchangeable.
    - BJT animation not updated.
    - BJT not working in vco example (0.3.12-RC2).
    - Fix some memory leaks.
    - Plotterwidget wrong scale in some cases.
    - 74HC4022 Logic Symbol not working.
    - Pic asm Compiler: gpasm does not find includes in project folder.
    - Time widget scrollBars shown in some systems.
    - Executable detected as shared lib in some builds.
    - Push Switch broken (0.4.13-RC2).
    - Keypad broken (0.4.13-RC2).
    - debugger broken (0.4.13-RC2).
    - AVR timer mode 14: Fast PWM, Top=ICR1, doesn't update in OCRX changes.
    - Capacitor and Inductor not ok at simulation > 1MHz (0.4.13-RC2).
    - Send Text in Serial monitor limited to 50 characters.
    - ATtinyX4 wrong Pin assignation in Timer0,1.
    - ATtinyX4 wrong ADC definition.
    - Package not initialized if Logic Symbol file not found.
    - Package should save file relative path, not absolute.
    - Create Subcircuit taking Component Circuit Id instead of unique Id.
    - Avoid dash "-" in Subcircuits Pin Ids.
    - Avoid save Backup in read only filesystems.
    - SR04 not OK at simulation > 1MHz (0.4.13-RC2).
    - Clock and WaveGen not OK at simulation > 1MHz (0.4.13-RC2).
    - Servo Motor not OK at simulation > 1MHz (0.4.13-RC2).
    - Subcircuits fixed (thanks to Sergey Roenko):
        74HC42, 74HC74, 74HC75, 74HC151, 74HC155, 74HC192, 74HC93
        74HC393, 74HC592, 74HC4017, 74HC4026, 74HC4033
    - I2C module: wrong output impedance when transmiting.
    - Editor: closing unsaved doc + cancel not working.
    - Editor: close unsaved doc whith no focus, editor takes the focused one.
    - PIC with OSCCAL Reg. not working if call 0x3FF is made.
    - Crash: Debug session + Close doc. + RamTable->LoadVAriables.
    - Debugger: some operations taking too long in some cases.
    - Serial Monitor: some characters missing randomly.
    - AVR SPI: MOSI pin should be high when idle.
    - Wrong extension Creating subcircuits in some cases.
    - Ground not working in Subcircuits.
    - Crash creating Subcircuit with 2 Package Pins connected together.
    - Subcircuits fixed (Sergey Roenko strikes again)
        74HC73, 74HC76, 74HC107, 74HC109, 74HC112,74HC113, 74HC173
        74HC175, 74HC259, 74HC279, 74HC373, 74HC374, 74HC375, 74HC377
    - Crash closing file with debugger when no mcu ( 0.4.13-RC4 ).
    - Program hangs removing components in some cases.
    - Debugger: Simulation keeps running after Stop when not driving Circuit( 0.4.13-RC4 ).
    - PIC: if PIC goes to sleep fail to exit sleep afther reset.
    - Crash setting MCU to logic Symbol (No LS available for MCU yet).
    - Subcircuit: place inversion sign only after the symbol «!»
    - Crash on some actions while creating connector.
    - Audio Out wrong at simulation speed > 1e6 (0.4.13-RC2).
    - Audio Out latency too high.
    - LatchD randomly not properly initialized.
    - Drop simu file to canvas should not save state.

    - Editor: Sintax highlight error parsing some rules.
    - MCU: Auto-Load not working in Arduino Boards.
    - Crash: Mcu in circuit + Run + delete Mcu + Run;
    - Oscope not updating when signal dissapears.
    - Relays not working randomly.
    - Fixed 74HC194_LS.package (Sergey Roenko)
    - Stepper: bounding box overlaping pins.
    - Stepper not updating after change steps number.
    - Arduino 1.8.10 issue solved.
    - AppImage tries to backup in Readonly FS.
    - Some Help Files not Found.
    - Help files for each subcircuit not possible.
    - Some wrong error strings higlighted in Arduino Compile.
    - Memory: Error saving data in read only FS.
    - Ram/Rom: Error saving and loading binary files.
    - Text Encoding errors.
    - Missing file extension filters in Ram/Rom.
    - Missing file extension filters in Editor->SaveAs.
    - Bad Led visualisation when cpu can not keep speed.
    - Atmega 1280,1281, 2560, wrong package file.
    - Crash if mcu can't be created + new circuit.
    - Pic18F4420 missing data file.
    - Servo: Redraw probrems.
    - Mosfet animation not updating after Power-Off.
    - Editor: SaveAs should take current file instead of last file.
    - Editor: SaveAs+Modify+Compile takes old fileName.
    - Crash Setting values < 1 pico
    - Passive Components: should not accept value = 0.
    - Atmega32u4: Pwm not working.
    - Atmega32u4: Duplicated Pin D4. (Sergey Roenko)
    - Atmega64: Wrong Pin20, should be reset. (Sergey Roenko)
    - Mcu eeprom: error loading data files.
    - Pic mcu: error reading opencollector pins as input.
    - Atmega32u4: Fast PWM on pin OC1C doesn't work for timer 1.
    - Audio Output: cracking sounds.
    - Volt. Regulator not working in some cases.
    - PIC16F505 wrong package.
    - Counter not working in Subcircuits.
    - Crash deleting a subcircuit that fails to load .subcircuit file.
    - Gates sometimes fail to restart after power-off (inverter oscillator example).
    - SubPackage->LoadPackage fails to set proper default path in some cases.
    - Logic Devices: Input HighV & LowV not working in Subcircuits.
    - Windows can only reach 80% simulation speed.
    - Windows cancel wire by right-click shows context menu.
    - Drag & drop files not workingin windows.
    - Editor: some grammatical errors.
    - Frequencimeter: Wrong value at Circuit speed > 1 MHz.
    - Plotter not showing small signals properly ( < 0.1 V ).
    - Mcu: Setting Pin direction can miss previous Pin state.
    - Mcu: Pullups not working depending on Pin direction set order.
    - BcdToDec not working in subcircuits.
    - Editor: asm type not recognized after modify and save.
    - Clock & WaveGen: Wrong frequency after circuit speed change > 1 MHz while running.
    - New Circuit when Simulation is paused = Power button dissabled.
    - Serial Monitor not properly deleted.
    - Remove waveGen max frequency limit.
    - AVR Adc not working for channels > 8.
    - Avr asm Copmiler: error in mega16 & mega 32 .inc files.
    - Arduino Uno should have a buffer lo drive builtin led.
    - Locale variants not working (eg. pt_BR).
    - AVR i2c not working properly.
    - Drag&Drop files not working as it should (item created at Drag enter).
    - Crash: Arduino Uno led buffer not properly removed (0.4.13-SR3).
    - LedMatrix not cleanly removed.
    - Serial Monitor Windows always on top.
    - Missing files: TC4560, TC4561 (Sergey Roenko).
    - 74HC148 not working properly (Sergey Roenko).
    - Fix Windows version number.
    - Text Component: Delete Key not working.
    - PIC Comparator: Output Vref to Pin doesn't work.
    - Image Component: Animated Gifs not working.
    - RamTable: Load varset brokes RamTable (addr = 0).
    - Pic Uart sends extra character after reset (0.4.13.SR2).
    - Serial Monitor doesn't keep on top of main window (0.4.13.SR4).
    - AVR spi not synched to mcu clock in some cases (asteroid game).
    - Editor: Set Compiler Path for unsaved or unsupported files should show an info dialog.
    - Crash dropping files to circuit in some cases.

New Components:
    - WS2812 LED.
    - IC74 (thanks to Sergey Roenko)
        74XX01, 74HC73, 74HC76, 74HC109, 74HC112, 74HC113, 74HC173
        74HC175, 74HC259, 74HC373, 74HC374, 74HC375, 74HC377
    - Image.
    - SD1306 I2C OLED Display.
    - IC74 (Sergey Roenko strikes again)
        74XX91, 74XX95, 74XX96, 74XX166, 74XX170, 74XX178, 74XX179
        74XX195, 74XX198, 74XX199, 74HC670, 74XX381, 74XX382

    - IC74 (Sergey Roenko)
        74HC245, 74HC260, 74HC4094
    - ICCD (Sergey Roenko)
        CD4006, CD4013, CD4014, CD4015, CD4021, CD4027, CD4035, CD4042, CD4043
        CD4044, CD4076, CD4094, CD4095, CD4096, CD4099, CD4508, CD40174, CD40175

    - IC74 (Sergey Roenko)
       74HC156, 74HC157, 74HC158, 74HC251, 74HC257, 74HC258, 74HC298, 74HC352
       74HC353, 74HC354, 74HC356, 74HC4052, 74HC4053, 74HC4067
       74XX150, 74XX582, 74XX583
    - ICCD (Sergey Roenko)
        CD4019, CD4029, CD4066, CD4512, CD4532, CD4553
    - Keys (Sergey Roenko)
        DG401, DG403, DG405
    - Ternary (Sergey Roenko)
        Ternary_AND, Ternary_Buffer, Ternary_Multiplexer, Ternary_NAND
        Ternary_NOR, Ternary_NOT. Ternary_OR
    - IC74 (Sergey Roenko)
        74C925, 74C926, 74C927, 74HC51, 74HC594, 74HC597, 74HC4016, 74LS54, 74XX45,
        74XX46, 74XX48, 74XX49, 74XX54, 74XX55, 74XX56, 74XX57, 74XX64, 74XX65,
        74XX68, 74XX69, 74XX70, 74XX72, 74XX82, 74XX83, 74XX114, 74XX141, 74XX145,
        74XX156, 74XX159, 74XX168, 74XX169, 74XX171, 74XX180, 74XX240, 74XX242,
        74XX243, 74XX244, 74XX246, 74XX248, 74XX249, 74XX276, 74XX280, 74XX295,
        74XX299, 74XX323, 74XX365, 74XX366, 74XX367, 74XX368, 74XX376, 74XX378,
        74XX379, 74XX395, 74XX540, 74XX541, 74XX591, 74XX682, 74XX684.
    - ICCD (Sergey Roenko)
        CD4085, CD4502, CD4503, CD4522, CD4526, CD4539, MC14495, MM74C922, MM74C923,
        TC4467, TC4468, TC4469.
    - Keys (Sergey Roenko)