Monday, 4 January 2021

SimulIDE_0.4.14 released.

  Hi everybody and happy 2021!

SimulIDE 0.4.14 is available for download:

List of changes since 0.4.13:

    - Full Adder: change to horizontal configuration.
    - Adder, Counter, FlipFlops: smaller size.
    - Properties Tab removed, now right-click->Properties opens new window.
    - Updated About SimulIDE Dialog.
    - Old Relays not supported (save circuit with 0.4.13).
    - Delete key working again to remove Components.
    - RamTabe Tab removed (open Ramtable in MCU).
New Features:
    - Mcu Logic Symbol enabled.
    - Some AVR Logic Symbols (Sergey Roenko)
    - Mcu Help Files enabled.
    - Some AVR Help files (Sergey Roenko)
    - Gui French translation (Pascal Cotret)
    - Change Language: Circuit->Properties.
    - Debugger: Show number of Clock Cycles for each Debug Step.
    - AVR: Allow AVR GPRs R0-R31 names in Ramtable.
    - RamTable: show Status Reg. bits and PC.
    - Flipflops: Trigger property (None, Clock, InEnable).
    - Gui German translation (Tim Fischer).
    - Circuit Speed label: float with 2 decimals.
    - New Oscope: basic + advanced modes.
    - New Plotter and Oscilloscope unified Component.
    - Recently used Circuits.
    - Recently used Editor files.
    - Search Components in Component List.
    - Esc Key to cancel New wire.
    - Open .simu file by command line: "simulide circ.simu" (or double-click).
    - Set Simulation speed by steps per second or percentage.
    - Set Simulation step (nanoseconds).
    - Gui Brazilian Portuguese Translation ( Maico Smaniotto ).
    - New Subcircuits with graphical Components capabilities (Boards).
    - Several AVR Logic Symbol Packages (Sergey Roenko).
    - Several AVR help files (Sergey Roenko).
    - Make RamTable persistent.
    - Unique Ramtable as window for each MCU.
    - OpAmp: Properties for positive and negative power voltages.
    - Remove all limitations to simulation speed (before limited to 1 GHz).
    - Editor: Accept dropping files.
    - Some new Russian help files (Sergey Roenko).
    - Boards finished.
    - Italian translation (@rcanoid).
Bug Fixes:
    - Mosfet animation not updating after Power-Off.
    - Editor: SaveAs should take current file instead of last file.
    - Editor: SaveAs+Modify+Compile takes old fileName.
    - Crash Setting values < 1 pico
    - Passive Components: should not accept value = 0.
    - Atmega32u4: Pwm not working.
    - Atmega32u4: Duplicated Pin D4. (Sergey Roenko)
    - Atmega64: Wrong Pin20, should be reset. (Sergey Roenko)
    - Mcu eeprom: error loading data files.
    - Pic mcu: error reading opencollector pins as input.
    - Atmega32u4: Fast PWM on pin OC1C doesn't work for timer 1.
    - Audio Output: cracking sounds.
    - Volt. Regulator not working in some cases.
    - PIC16F505 wrong package.
    - Counter not working in Subcircuits.
    - Crash deleting a subcircuit that fails to load .subcircuit file.
    - Gates sometimes fail to restart after power-off (inverter oscillator example).
    - SubPackage->LoadPackage fails to set proper default path in some cases.
    - Logic Devices: Input HighV & LowV not working in Subcircuits.
    - Windows can only reach 80% simulation speed.
    - Windows cancel wire by right-click shows context menu.
    - Drag & drop files not working in windows.
    - Editor: some grammatical errors.
    - Frequencimeter: Wrong value at Circuit speed > 1 MHz.
    - Plotter not showing small signals properly ( < 0.1 V ).
    - Mcu: Setting Pin direction can miss previous Pin state.
    - Mcu: Pullups not working depending on Pin direction set order.
    - BcdToDec not working in subcircuits.
    - Editor: asm type not recognized after modify and save.
    - Clock & WaveGen: Wrong frequency after circuit speed change > 1 MHz while running.
    - New Circuit when Simulation is paused => Power button dissabled.
    - Serial Monitor not properly deleted.
    - Remove waveGen max frequency limit.
    - AVR Adc not working for channels > 8.
    - Avr asm Copmiler: error in mega16 & mega 32 .inc files.
    - Arduino Uno should have a buffer lo drive builtin led.
    - Debugger broken ( 0.4.14-RC2 ).
    - Locale variants not working (eg. pt_BR).
    - AVR i2c not working properly.
    - Drag&Drop files not working as it should (item created at Drag enter).
    - Crash: Arduino Uno led buffer not properly removed (0.4.14-RC3).
    - LedMatrix not cleanly removed.
    - Properties & Serial Monitor Windows always on top.
    - Not possible to set simulation steps < 1 nS.
    - RamTable: some PIC status bits names don't fit.
    - Missing files: TC4560, TC4561 (Sergey Roenko).
    - 74HC148 not working properly (Sergey Roenko).
    - Mcu pins not properly initializated in some cases (0.4.14-RC2).
    - Weird bug in examples/pic/glcd8544_p18f2550 (0.4.14-RC2).
    - Pressing delete key while editing values removes oscope.
    - Pausing simulation and click on oscope clears oscope screen.
    - Fix Windows version number.
    - Oscope DC input: not shown until volt change.
    - Oscope: Wrong central axis subdivisions for X sizes not multiple of 50.
    - Text Component: Delete┬║ Key not working.
    - Random Crash removing grounded Leds (0.4.14-RC4).
    - PIC Comparator: Output Vref to Pin doesn't work.
    - Image Component: Animated Gifs not working.
    - RamTable: Load varset brokes RamTable (addr = 0).
    - Pic Uart sends extra character after reset (0.4.13.RC2).
    - AVR spi not synched to mcu clock in some cases (asteroid game).
    - Changing Simulation Speed (Steps Per Sec.) should change step size if speed% results >100%.
    - Editor: Set Compiler Path for unsaved or unsupported files should show an info dialog.
    - Crash dropping files to circuit in some cases.
    - Tunnel: wrong icon (0.4.14-RC4).
    - Undo/Redo: errors after new circuit.
    - Undo/Redo: move single wire or component not saved.
    - Attiny13 Timer0 pwm not working.
    - Variable Resistors not updating values if simulation not running.
    - Redraw problems moving Variable Resistor or Resistor Dip when zoomed.
    - Error in Logical symbols for AtMega1280, 1281, 2560
    - "Recently Used Circuits" button not showing ToolTip.
    - Help text not shown for MCUs and Subcircuits.
    - Some Russian help files fixed (Sergey Roenko).
    - Font scale can lead to unreadable sizes, limit scale to 0.5->2.0
    - Ramtable: missing first row after saving + reloading circuit (0.4.14-F).
    - AVR: Flag ADIF in ADC must be cleared by writing a 1.
    - AVR Comparators not working.
    - Package Pins should not go outside limits.
    - Package Pins not visible when "Point Pin" selected.
    - Missing avra and gpasm executables in Win 64 version.
    - AVR fails to read some hex files (unordered address).
    - Crash compiling some Arduino sketches (var type and name not in same line).
    - Crash reading Arduino Mega ADC (0.4.14-SR1).
    - AVR AtTinyX5: Timer1 not working in some cases.
    - Arduino: Changing Mcu Freq does nothing (simulide 0.4.14-SR1).
    - AVR Phase Correct PWM not working correctly.
    - Fixed Volt. not updated if simulation not running.
    - Backspace key should delete components (Jan K. S.)
    - Fix MacOs build problems (Jan K. S.)
        Buttons not showing properly.
        Missing MacOs simulide icon.
        Child windows stay on top.
        Editor monospaced Font.
        Fix simulation crashes/bugs.
    - Fix center position after loading circuit (Jan K. S.)
    - Serial Monitor: Limit output size to avoid exesive memory usage.
    - AVR load firmware fails with non english characters.
    - Fixed Volt not saving state.
    - Ammeter and voltmeter redraw problems (zooming).
    - Battery doesn't show Volt. label.
    - AVR PWM not taking total control of OC pins.
    - AVR eeprom: unwritten value at address 0 should be 0xFF;
    - Crash opening Serial Monitor (Qt >= 5.12.2).
    - Dc Motor speed indicator not working with PWM.
    - Mosfet error, shown whith switches in the circuit.
    - Clock and WaveGen On/Off color indicator not updated.
    - Relay Normally Closed not behaving correctly.
    - Bjt: fails to converge in some cases (contant current circuit).
    - Crash deleting Subcircuits in some cases (analog mux).
    - Oscope: Cursor randomly wrong scale.
    - Crash setting very large Component values
New Components:
    - Dc Motor.
    - Variable Resistor.
    - LDR.
    - Termistor (NTC).
    - Atmega32m1, Atmega64m1.

    - IC74 (Sergey Roenko)
        74C925, 74C926, 74C927, 74HC51, 74HC594, 74HC597, 74HC4016, 74LS54, 74XX45,
        74XX46, 74XX48, 74XX49, 74XX54, 74XX55, 74XX56, 74XX57, 74XX64, 74XX65,
        74XX68, 74XX69, 74XX70, 74XX72, 74XX82, 74XX83, 74XX114, 74XX141, 74XX145,
        74XX156, 74XX159, 74XX168, 74XX169, 74XX171, 74XX180, 74XX240, 74XX242,
        74XX243, 74XX244, 74XX246, 74XX248, 74XX249, 74XX276, 74XX280, 74XX295,
        74XX299, 74XX323, 74XX365, 74XX366, 74XX367, 74XX368, 74XX376, 74XX378,
        74XX379, 74XX395, 74XX540, 74XX541, 74XX591, 74XX682, 74XX684.
    - ICCD (Sergey Roenko)
        CD4085, CD4502, CD4503, CD4522, CD4526, CD4539, MC14495, MM74C922, MM74C923,
        TC4467, TC4468, TC4469.
    - Keys (Sergey Roenko)
    - Tunnel.