Sunday, 11 April 2021

SimulIDE 0.4.15-SR1 (unstable) released

Hi guys.

Version 0.4.15-Final had a few important errors, one of them critical that made the simulation going crazy in some cases.
That's why we have been working hard these days to solve the most important problems.

We need your help to fix as many problems as possible and get an stable version as soon as possible.
So if you are willing to help, download, test and report bugs in our forum or repository.

Keep an eye in our Youtube Channel.

Thanks to those who are testing and reporting problems !!

Here is the list of changes respect to 0.4.15-Final:

    - Keep old Arduinos available (needed for old circuits by now).
    - New Arduinos as experimental.
Bug Fixes:
    - Critical: Undo Rev 97, changes in eNode break simulation.
    - Wires not updating correctly when Circuit is animated.
    - Crash: attach+detach+attach Sield.
    - Boards: error in some Pin angles.
    - Boards(Subcircuits): Childs moving if selected.
    - Subcircuit: Tunnels not properly initialized.
    - New Arduinos: make shields usable for all Arduinos.
    - DC Motor wrong speed indicator.
    - KY40 not working.
    - Oscope: Missing graphic if no wave detected.
    - Oscope: Error changing Time Div in box.
    - Oscope not working at long Time Div.
    - Oscope: fix square wave at low freq & long Time Div.
    - Oscope & LA: pulses not shown when subsample is active.
    - Oscope & LA: Connect to Tunnel not working
    - Logic Analizer: wrong defaul Volt. Div.
    - Tunnels: Error after renaming.
    - Tunnels: Connection error in some cases.
    - Crash deleting MCU and then running simulation.
    - MCU extra step time not in sync with Simulation time.
    - 7 Seg BCD not working in Subcircuits.