Wednesday, 3 November 2021

SimulIDE 0.4.15 Stable updated to SR9

 Hi guys.

In this update some has been bugs fixed since SR7, specially important one that prevented Arduino Debugger to work properly.

We need your help to fix as many problems as possible.
So if you are willing to help, download last verion, test it and report bugs in our forum or repository.

Keep an eye in our Youtube Channel.

Thanks to those who are testing and reporting problems !!

Here is the list of changes respect to 0.4.15-SR7:

New Features:   
    - Seven Segment: add Pin labels.
Bug Fixes:
    - Arduino debugger not working.
    - Clock not updating after "Always On" changed.
    - Pic16F887: ExtINT wrong Pin (must be PB0).
    - Pic16F88x: Timer1 Interrupt not working.
    - Oscope & LA: Fix widget sizes & Hardcode Fonts.
    - RamTable: adjust font sizes.
    - Pic16F887: PORTA4-5 Errors.
    - Oscope: Subsample Time counter not cleared.