Friday, 3 December 2021

SimulIDE_1.0.0-RC1 (unstable) available for download

This is a complete rewrite of many parts of the simulator, including:
- New simulation engine with picosecond resolution.
- New MCU simulation.
- New Property system and dialogs for Components.
- New editable Compilers/Debuggers (you can add new compilers).
- New Boards and Shields system.

As always,we need your help to fix as many problems as possible.
But more in this case, this is internally a new simulator and needs lots of testing.
So if you are willing to help, download it, test it and report bugs in our forum.

Keep an eye in our Youtube Channel.

Thanks to those who are testing and reporting problems !!


These are the most important changes: 

    - Debug Panel.
    - New Dialogs for Component properties.
    - Animate Inputs/Outputs by type and state.
    - Improved File load/save (faster, smaller files).
    - More stable and faster Undo/Redo.
    - Circuit: Ctrl+A selects all items.

    - Frequency property for I2C Devices.
    - Increase Frequency meter resolution to 5 digits.
    - SSD1306 I2C Address property.
    - Load and Save to file for Function Component.
    - I2C to Parallel: read implemented.
    - I2C to Parallel: add internal pullups.
    - Binary Couter: add Set Pin.
    - Resizable Multiplexer and Demultiplexer
    - Subcircuit: Name label editable.
    - OpAmp: Power Pins labels.
    - OpAmp: Switch Power Pins property.
    - Meters: Switch Pins property.
    - LM555 Refactored.
    - Diode: new accurate model (Leds keep the simple fast model).
    - Improved Non Linear convergence.
    - Memtable: accept decimal, octal or hexadecimal values.
    - MemTable: show ASCII by byte (2 for 16 bits and so on).
    - Load hex working for all Memories.
    - Oscope: Added "Filter" Box.
    - Wavegen: standard Mid volt. and Semi amplitude.
    - DC Motor: Red & Black connectors (more visible).
    - Seven Segment: add Pin labels.
    - Led RGB.
    - DHT22/11 Temperature+Humidity sensor.

    - New MCU Simulator.
    - Several MCUs in Circuit.
    - 8051 MCU.
    - Uart Pins working.
    - MCU crash Warning message and animation.
    - Arduino Shields (experimental).
    - McuMonitor: Change font size and color & PC-STATUS position.
    - McuMonitor: Unify "Variables" & "RAM" tabs
    - McuMonitor: PC & flash by PGM word size or byte.
    - McuMonitor: Added "Jump to address" option.

    - Editable and custom compilers.
    - New menu button & dialogs for Editor and Compilers settings.
    - "Clear All Breakpoints" action added.
    - Added Compilers/Debuggers: SDCC, avr-gcc, avr-gcc Makefile, avr-gcc asm, gavrasm.
    - 8051 asm highlighting.
    - Hex file highlighting.