Wednesday, 16 March 2022

SimulIDE_1.0.0-RC2 (unstable) available for download

Hi guys.

The second release candidate  for 1.0.0 is ready!

Many problems solved thanks to your bug reports and ideas and some new features and components.
All important changes are finished and hopefully most of the critical bugs are fixed.
So this version is much more stable that RC1, and next one will be the first 1.0.0 "stable" release.

We are already working in next version while 1.0.0 will still receive fixes but not new features or components.

As always,we need your help to fix as many problems as possible.
So if you are willing to help, download it, test it and report bugs in our forum.


Here is a list of the most important changes since 1.0.0-RC1

You will see that there is a simpler organization of the files:
Now the executable is in the main folder.

New features:
- Editor: Set Compiler and Device in file (first line).
- Editor: New Find/Replace Dialog.
- 7Segment BCD: Show Pin labels.
- Gates: Property "Randomize PD".
- RamTable: New line after add register.
- RamTable: Add register by <return>.
- FlipFlops: Added property "Use Set/Reset Pins"
- Auto-connect Pins to wires.
- Component: Cut <Ctrl>+X Action.
- Logic Outputs: Rising & falling slopes.
- Variable Sources: current value Property.
- Component Properties: accept e,+,-,*,/.
- Show Revision number.
- Logic Analizer: Added Channel names.
- Logic Analizer: Set Time origin by Mouse Middle Button.
- Mainwindow Title: Show Simulation state.

New Components:

-Subcircuits (Sergey Roenko).:
    Displays 1 to bits, scc, sca.
    Patern Generator.
- Atmega8.
- Atmega328pb (Kelnella).
- Pic12F629.
- Pic12F675.
- Pic16F88x family.
- Pic16F1826.
- 555 (subcircuit version).
- Fliflop T.
- Serial Port.
- Diac.
- Triac.
- SCR.
- Socket.
- Resistive TouchPad 4 wires (Kelnella).
- DS1307 RTC.
- Esp01 (TCP).

- Unified App Settings dialog.
- Don't open backup circuit after crash, ask if open or not.
- Logic Analizer: Show only logic states.
- KY040 to generic Relative Rotary Encoder.
- Auto-Connect Pin to <Shift> + Move.