Friday, 29 July 2022

SimulIDE 0.4.15 Stable updated to SR10

Hi guys.

Version 0.4.15 has been updated to SR10.

Mostly bug fixes, New Hungarian translation, a few new subcircuits and some minor changes.

We need your help to fix as many problems as possible.
So if you are willing to help, download last version, test it and report bugs in our forum.

Keep an eye in our Youtube Channel.

Thanks to those who are testing and reporting problems !!

Here is the list of changes respect to 0.4.15-SR9:
Bug Fixes:    

    - 74HC139 Error.
- AVR ICR write error.
    - McuMonitor: RamTable not loading varList.
    - Logic Analizer: Time Pos. not initialized.
    - PIC16F887 ADC: Using Vref Pins doesn't work.
    - Ili9341: Error checking for address out of range.
    - Ili9341: Errors + command 0x36: Memory Access Control (no MV).
    - Oscilloscope not working if simulation already running.
    - RamTable not saving varlist.
    - Oscilloscope Ref Voltage error.
    - BJT: Error in setGain.
    - Ky023: Crash at delete.
    - KY023: Button not working.
    - Mosfet not cleanly deleted.
    - AVRs: CTC not working with external T0/T1.
    - Avr asm Debugger: wrong PC.
    - Atmega2560 Comparator not working.
    - Atmega2560: Missing PCINT1.0 and PCINT2.

    - Hungarian translation added.
    - Italian translation disabled.
    - New Subcircuits (Sergey Roenko):  
       Pulse Generator.
       Real Button.
       Led Displays.