Wave Generator.

There is a basic wave generator in the "Sources" group of components.

It can generate sine, triangle, saw and square wave types.

In the properties tab you can set some properties:

- Wave Type: sine, triangle, saw or square (default sine).

- Freq: frequency of the wave in Herz (default 1000).

- Volt Base: the lower voltage of the wave (default 0).

- Volt: Amplitude of the wave in volts (default 5).

- Quality: quality (resolution) of the wave in a 1 to 5 scale (default 4).

- Duty Square: duty cicle of square wave in % (default 50).

Note that Volt is the amplitude, not the max. volt.
If you want a wave lets say from 2 to 3 volts you should set Volt Base to 2 and Volt to 1, that is a wave 1V in amplitude with lower volt at 2V.

Sine, triangle an saw waves are very cpu intensive, that is the reason for quality property.
The default value is 4 wich is a compromise betwen quality and speed.
If you need more speed and dont need high resolution, then lower the quality.
If you need max resolution then set it to 5.

Note that a high freq wave looks worse at low quality.

Here is how a 1 KHz sine wave looks like at 1,3 and 5 quality (top to bottom):