Left Panel

From version 0.4.14 there are no "Properties" and "Ram Table" Tabs in this panel.

Those widgets are now accesible in the context menu (Right-Click) of each component.



Components tab:

This is the list of available Components to add to the circuit.

It is arranged in categories and subcategories that can be expanded and collapsed with the little arrow at the left of the category name.
Expanded/Collapsed state is saved and restored, so it will look the same next session.

It is also possible to hide categories or single components from the list.
This way you can create a simpler Component List if you will only use some of them, for example you can create a list for only Logic Circuits.
To do this, Right-Click on any part of the list and select "Manage Components".
A widget will open where you can select which categories/Components will be visible.

These settings are saved automatically, so next time SimulIDE will look the same.

Video about Components tab:

File Browser tab:

This tab shows the filesystem in tree mode.

You can browse expanding or collapsing folders and open files in circuit or editor.

At the top is an space for bookmarks with some predefined entries:

- FileSystem: shows the root of your system, you will see all drives mounted.
- Home: your user folder.
- Examples: examples included with SimulIDE.

Just below you will find a button to cd up and a box with the current path of the filebrowser.
You can introduce a path in this box to go to it.

- Double-click in folder gets into the folder.
- Double-click to open file in circuit (only .simu files) or  in editor (rest of files).

- Right-click for context menu:
    Add Bookmark ( for folders )
    Open File in Editor ( for files ).