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Simple Led:

Leds are represented with the diode symbol to identify anode and cathode:

Selecting the component and opening the "Properties" tab is possible to set Led properties:

- Color:
    Color of the led: yellow, red, green, blue, orange or purple.

- Theshold:
    Threshold voltage of the diode, below this voltage it wont conduce.

- MaxCurrent:
    Maximum current suported,  behind this value Led will be burn out.

- Resistance:
    Internal resistance, as a trick it's possible to substitute external resistor.

- Grounded:
    Setting this property allow to avoid connecting cathode to ground, making the circuit simpler and cleaner.
    When this property is set to true, cathode pin disapears as well as it's connector if any.

For example, if we set Resistance to 100 and Grounded to true we can do the previous circuit simpler:

This can be very useful in circuits with many leds.

Led Bar:

Led Bar contains an array of 8 small leds, being the leds displaced to the cathode side.

 Same properties are available for Led Bars, this is an example with Resistance=100 and Grounded=true: