Since SimulIDE 0.1.6 There is an Oscope component you can drop to the circuit, so it's possible having several oscopes in Circuit.

There is still an Oscope in the bottom panel you can open from probes, but this will dissapear in future releases.

This new version of oscope comes with some new features:

- Frequency detection.
- Amplitude detection.
- Minimum and Maximum values.
- Auto-scale.
- Scale and Position controls for Horizontal and Vertical.

Scale and position controls only work when "Auto" is disabled.

They are arraged in two columns: Horizontal and Vertical.

An two rows: Scale and Position.

There are two inputs: + and - .
You can use them is several ways:

- Connecting only one of them: + is not inverting  and - is inverting.

- Connect + and - to diferent point in the circuit, for example to see the signal across a resistor

- Connect one signal to each input to see them mixed (- is inverted).

Video example: