Seven Segment Display

 Videos about Seven Segment:

There are 2 types of Seven Segment in SimulIDE:
- Normal 7seg with 8 pins.
- BCD 7seg with 4 pins.

Normal 7seg:


This is the ussual 7seg you buy, normally this is the one you want.

It is in the "Outputs" group and has 8 pins, each connected to a led on the display.

Seven segments can be common cathode or common anode, by default common cathode are used in SimulIDE.
To change to common anode: select the component, go to properties and set "CommonCathode" as false.

This is an example of common cathode and how segments are connected to pins:

You can also set the number of displays in properties tab.
This is an example with  NumDisplays = 2:

Select the active display connecting to ground the common pin:

This is equivalent to this circuit:

You can PWM or Multiplex these displays and will behave very similar to real ones, but if the frequency of the multiplexing is too low they will flicker.
Multiplexing at more than 100 Hz ussually works well, but better at >500 Hz.

BCD 7seg:

This is equivalent to a normal 7seg with an integrated BCD to 7seg converter.

It is in the "Logic" group and has 4 pins, corresponding to a bit in a 4 bit binary number.

Bit 0 is at the right pin, bit 3 is the left one.

Normally this one is used in Logic Circuits with High >2,5V and Low <2,5V.

This display does not accept pwm or multiplexing like the "normal" one.